Metso Paper to supply mechanical pulping systems to Stora Enso's Anjalankoski, Hylte and Baienfurt mills

Published Oct 07, 2002 12.22.00 +2 GMT

Modernization of mechanical pulp rejects handling at Stora Enso's Anjalankoski Mill

Metso Paper supplies the process systems for rejects refining, dewatering and screening of the pressure groundwood plant at Stora Enso's Anjalankoski Mill in Finland. The delivery also includes the installation and start-up of the equipment as well as training of the operating and maintenance teams. The start-up is scheduled for June 2003.

The upgrade of the pressure groundwood plant is an integral part of the modernization program of the Anjalankoski Mill affecting both the production capacity and the end-product quality. Currently, the printing paper production capacity is 515,000 tpa and the mechanical pulping capacity is 1470 tpd of PGW pulp and 300 tpd of TMP pulp.

Additional refining capacity to Stora Enso's Hylte Mill

Stora Enso's Hylte Mill, Hyltebruk, Sweden has placed an order with Metso Paper for three refiners for TMP pulp. The scope of supply also includes the engineering, erection, start-up and training. The new refiners, with a capacity of approx. 350,000 tpa, will improve the quality of the TMP pulp produced at the mill. The Hylte Mill is among the leading newsprint manufacturers in the world.

Expansion of groundwood capacity at Stora Enso's Baienfurt Mill

Stora Enso's Baienfurt Mill, Germany, has placed an order with Metso Paper for a grinder for the expansion of the groundwood plant. Metso Paper has also supplied the three existing grinders at the mill. The new grinder will expand the plant's capacity to 400 tpd. Metso Paper's delivery also includes some auxiliary equipment and a grinder automation package ready-installed. The start-up is scheduled for September 2003.

The Baienfurt Mill produces premium-quality carton boards for packaging of e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and tobacco products. The increase in pulp production became necessary, as the mill's board machine will be rebuilt. The bleached groundwood pulp is used in the middle layer to give stiffness for the board in a multi-ply structure.

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More information: Ulf Hellberg, Vice President & General Manager, Mechanical Pulping, tel. +46 60 16 58 57 Lars Eriksson, General Manager, Mechanical Pulping, tel. +46 60 16 54 45 Jukka Tyrväinen, General Manager, Mechanical Pulping, tel. +358 20 482 9585