Metso Paper to supply a large rebuild to Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill

Published Sept 2, 2003 15.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will supply JSC Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill in Segezha, Russian Karelia with an extensive rebuild of their production line for extensible sack kraft paper. The rebuilt production line will start up in early summer 2004. The total value of Segezha's investment is appr. 40 MEUR.

The Metso delivery will include a stock preparation line with OptiFiner low-consistency refiners, pulp washing, short circulation, broke collection with OptiSlush pulpers, OptiScreen broke screening and a save-all system. The thorough modernization of the paper machine wet end includes a SymFlo headbox, and the modernisation of the press section is to include a SymBelt™ shoe press. The delivery also comprises a rebuild of the dryer section and air systems, a new reel, a WinDrum winder, and a selection of auxiliary systems. The automation systems are also in the delivery scope, among them a metsoDNA distributed control system, a PaperIQ quality control system and field instruments. Erection supervision, start-up assistance and training are in the Metso package as well.

The machine to be modernized, PM 10, was originally supplied by Metso (Valmet) in 1974. It has a wire width of 7.1 m. After the rebuild it will have a production speed of 750 m/min and will produce some 550 t/day. The design speed of new parts is 850 m/min.

Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill selected Metso thanks to their high technology, Metso's ability to handle the whole project - including automation systems, the short distance to many Metso units, and the good experiences gained in the high-consistency refining project in 2001-2002.

The Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, formerly known as Segezhabumprom, is located in northwestern Russia in the Republic of Karelia, about 700 kilometers north of St. Petersburg. The Mill produces sack paper, some 230,000 t/y, with a basis weight range of 60 – 120 g/m2 on two machines: PM 9 (also supplied by Valmet, in 1973) and PM 10. Finished products are sold domestically and in export markets. The mill also produces 270 million sacks per year. Turnover is 125 MUSD and the number of personnel approx. 5300.

Metso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems. The Corporation's fiber and paper technology business area, Metso Paper, is the world's leading supplier of technology, systems and equipment for the pulp and paper industries. Metso's other core businesses are divided between Metso Minerals (rock and mineral processing) and Metso Automation (automation and control technology). In 2002, the net sales of Metso Corporation were EUR 4.7 billion and the personnel totaled approximately 28,500. Metso Corporation is listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

More information: Mr. Antero Kunnari, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Board Business Line Tel. +358 40 543 1036