Metso Paper to rebuild the fine paper machine of Stora Enso Varkaus Mill

Published Feb 4, 2005 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will modernize the paper machine PM 3 at Stora Enso Varkaus Mill. The rebuild of the fine paper machine, aiming at improved paper quality, will comprise upgrading of the headbox to include dilution profile controls, as well as a new calender. The rebuilt paper machine will be started up in September 2005.

In the rebuild, the existing SymFlo headbox will be furnished with dilution profile control system which will improve the paper quality and machine runnability.

The existing machine calender of PM 3 will be replaced by a single nip OptiSoft SlimLine soft calender. The new calender will help to upgrade the paper quality and has proven to be reliable and well suited for the most demanding calendering applications.

The Varkaus PM 3 was originally taken into stream in 1961. Metso Paper has rebuilt the machine on several occasions, the most recent one in 1992. The width of the paper machine is 7.7 meters and the speed 1200 m/min.

Stora Enso is an integrated paper, packaging and forest products company producing publication and fine papers, packaging boards and wood products, areas in which the Group is a global market leader. Stora Enso sales totalled EUR 12.4 billion in 2004. The Group has some 45 000 employees in more than 40 countries. The company's Varkaus Mill produces 290,000 tons of woodcontaining printing papers and 315,000 tons of woodfree fine papers annually.

More information: Petri Tolonen, Vice President, Sales, Metso Paper, Inc tel. +358 40 722 0372, Jari Kärkkäinen, Mill Manager, Stora Enso Fine Paper, Varkaus Mill tel. +358 40 506 222,