Metso Paper to rebuild SCA Ortviken's off-machine coater 1

Published Dec 19, 2001 14.57.00 +2 GMT

SCA Graphic Sundsvall Ab has selected Metso Paper to rebuild their two-station off-machine LWC coater number one at the Ortviken paper mill in Sweden. The value of this order is approx. EUR 10 million.

This rebuild consists of Metso Paper’s leading and proven OptiCoater technology. The machine will be equipped with two Valmet OptiCoat Jet coating stations, which are specially designed for high speed coating applications. The coating color circulation will include Valmet-Raisio’s OptiAir deaeration systems.

The quality and runnability potential of the OptiCoat Jet is excellent compared to conventional coating methods. Today, the world’s fastest coaters use this technology when running record speeds.

Coat weight per coating station is 8-15 g/m² and end product basis weight 60 to 80 g/m². The web width of the coater is 6,5 m (256 in.) and design speed after rebuild 1600 m/min (5,250 ft/min).

The coater will be equipped with the Valmet OptiReel Plus reel. This new generation reel is capable of producing large diameter parent rolls at high speeds. The linear load, torque and tension of the reeling process are optimized. Both the material and time efficiency of the renewed coater will be improved thanks to fully automated OptiCoater technology.

The coating machine control is carried out with Metso Automation’s metsoDNA, the dynamic network of applications. Metso Paper’s Coaters and Reels unit in Järvenpää has main responsibility for this delivery.

SCA has been producing LWC paper at Ortviken paper mill since the early 1990s. The first LWC machine, Valmet PM 1, was installed in 1990 and joined by a second machine in 1996. Combined capacity is 420,000 tons. The mill also produces 350,000 tons of newsprint. SCA produces absorbent hygiene products, packaging solutions and publication papers, employing approx. 40,000 people in over 40 countries. Sales amounted to more than SEK 67 billion in 2000.

More information: Martti Karttunen, President, Paper Finishing Systems, Metso Paper Tel. +358 20 482 7201, e-mail: