Metso Paper to rebuild pulp and paper mill at Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Published July 3, 2003 11.00.00 +2 GMT

The Slovakian pulp and paper producer Severoslovenske Celulozky a Papierne a.s. Ruzomberok, a Member of Neusiedler Group, is investing in both production increase and process improvements, which will enable the mill to lower its environmental impact. Metso Paper was awarded with a contract to carry out the required modifications. One of the key technologies in achieving these targets is Metso Paper's high consistency ozone bleaching process, known as ZeTrac. The scope of supply also includes the rebuilding of existing screening and washing systems and the retrofitting of the single stage oxygen delignification into a two-stage OxyTrac process. In addition, a complete pulp bale dewiring line from Metso Paper will be installed to manage the increased paper mill production.

The new equipment will preserve pulp quality and increase Ruzomberok's production capacity from the present 900 ADT/d to approximately 1300 ADT/d when running hardwood. The two-stage oxygen delignification process will reduce both chemical consumption and costs, while also increasing the yield. The ozone stage in turn will lower the amount of AOX from the bleaching process, thus reducing the mill's environmental impact. The present bleaching sequence D-EO-D-E-D will be modified to run with the Z-EO-DnD sequence.

New equipment

The new screening equipment, consisting of two DeltaScreen D10s, will make up the primary stage of the brown stock screening. The screen room will thereby be extended from three-stage screening to four-stage screening, which will give a cleaner pulp as well as being more flexible with a high capacity. Furthermore, fiber losses will be reduced. The pulp consistency in the screen room will be above 3%. Pulp washing enhancements will comprise a TRPB type TwinRoll press, to be installed as a secondary washing stage, and a TRPW type press for post-oxygen washing. For increasing the pulp consistency prior to the ZeTrac ozone reactor, a TRPZ type TwinRoll press will be installed, enabling a pulp consistency of above 40%.

The bale dewiring line consists of a conveyor system, a combined downstacker and unit dewiring system, single bale dewiring (Robocoiler), a metal detector system, a Robotechnology control system with remote access, engineering and erection supervision. Embedded software and control systems in the equipment will facilitate short erection and start-up times. The scope also includes checkout, start-up and training.

The start-up of the dewiring line will be in mid-October this year, the screen room in December and the bleach plant in September 2004.

More information: Roland Edström, Vice President, Metso Paper Chemical Pulping Business Line, tel. +46 60 16 50 00 Alpo Tuomi, VP Marketing, Metso Paper Chemical Pulping Business Line, tel. +358 204 82 9813