Metso Paper to deliver 300th Foil Force tail threading unit for Norske Skog Golbey PM 2 - the world's fastest paper machine

Published Feb 11, 2002 15.29.00 +2 GMT

The world’s fastest paper machine, the Norske Skog Golbey PM 2, and the market’s technology leader in tail threading systems, Metso Paper, have once again joined forces. Metso Paper will supply its 300th FoilForce1 tail threading unit for NS Golbey’s PM 2 soft calender in France.

The NS Golbey PM 2, which holds the current 24-hour world speed record of 1,902 m/min, makes newsprint with a design capacity of 330,000 tonnes annually. With this renewal, the NS Golbey PM 2 will be able to eliminate the need for ropes in the machine’s dry end area. The ropeless system contains tail threading units from the last dryer cylinder through to the calender, and over to the reel. Altogether the delivery will consist of 11 FoilForce1 units.

The FoilForce1 tail threading unit is based on mechanical contact with the tail. This contact is created by unique foil technology which produces high underpressure and ensures the best possible grip for the tail throughout the threading process.

FoilForce1 is applicable to both light and heavy-grade paper and board machines. It is well suited to different machine sections, such as the surface-sizing unit, calender, reel or on-line coater.

More information: Pasi Ahvenainen Global Product Manager, Metso Paper