Metso Paper supplies Södra Cell Värö in Sweden with modernization of recausticizing and pulp drying line

Published Sept 13, 2007 14.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will supply Södra Cell Värö mill in Sweden with a modernization of the recausticizing system and the pulp drying line TM 1. The purpose of the modernizations is to increase the production capacity. Both modernizations will take place in April 2008. The value of the order is approx. EUR 13 million.

The modernization of the recausticizing system includes lime slaker, lime bin, causticizing vessel, lime conveyor system and centrifuge for sludge dewatering.

Metso Paper's product scope has expanded to comprise also a complete range of recausticizing equipment, and this is the first large recausticizing order for the company.

The drying line rebuild at Värö will take place in April 2008. It includes a new shoe press as the last press, which will increase dry substance after the press section; a new steam box in the end of the wire section; a new pulper under the press section replacing two older pulpers; and a new broke conveyor. The operating speed of the drying machine after the rebuild will be 175 m/min and the production capacity 1,250 adt/day.

Metso Paper has earlier supplied a rebuild of the headbox, the cutter and the baling line of TM 1 in the 1990s. A new bale press was supplied in 2006.

Södra Cell, one of the four business areas of Södra Group, is among the world’s leading manufacturers of paper pulp for the open market. The Värö mill is one of Södra Cell's four kraft pulp mills. It was started up in 1972 and today the production capacity is 400,000 tonnes per year of bleached softwood pulp. In 1993 Värö was the first pulp mill in the world to exclusively produce TCF, totally chlorine free pulp.

For more information, please contact: Gunnar Gullbrand, Senior Vice President, Recausticizing, Metso Paper Tel. +46 70 594 46 31,

Antti Suoknuuti, Vice President, Sales, Pulp Drying, Metso Paper Tel. +358 20 482 9934,