Metso Paper supplies major rebuild for Gaspésia Papers

Published Jul 03, 2002 15.13.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will supply Gaspésia Papers, Limited Partnership with a major rebuild for its high-quality on-line printing and writing super-calendered coated paper line located in their mill in Chandler, Quebec, Canada. The order includes an extensive package of Metso Paper equipment for highly bleached pulp production, stock preparation, papermaking and finishing, as well as a broad range of Metso Automation systems. The value of the order is not released.

The Gaspésia Papers limited partnership was formed after the Fonds de Solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) purchased the Chandler facility from Abitibi-Consolidated about two years ago with plans to modernize the mill. PM 1 has a wire width of 6.8 m. It was originally installed in 1967 and rebuilt by Valmet in the late 1980s. Following this latest rebuild, which will be completed by mid-2004, the machine will be capable of producing high-quality coated paper, using bleached pulp, in the basis weight range of 60-80 g/m2. After the modernization, machine speed is capable to increase up to 1350 m/min.

Full range of fiber processing technology

Metso Paper's scope begins with a 350 BDMT/D fiber line utilizing a single line of CD-76 Refiners in a three stage mainline, two stage reject refining configuration. The system also includes a new screening system utilizing the OptiScreen multi-stage screens. To meet the high quality demands of the project, a two-stage MC/HC bleach plant will be supplied using Metso Paper's TwinWire Presses to maximize pulp brightness while reducing chemical costs. In the stock preparation area, new kraft refining, paper machine and broke screening systems using the latest OptiFiner and OptiScreen technology is included. Also in the stock preparation scope are a full line of OptiSlush under machine pulpers.

Extensive papermaking line rebuild

The on-line modernization of PM 1 will include a substantial rebuild of the wet end including upgrading a SymFlo headbox to a SymFlo D dilution control headbox; a SymFormer MB former; modification of the existing Twinver press into a 3-nip SymPress B shoe press; pre-dryer section with the latest runnability components; OptiHard pre-calender; two OptiSizer coating sections; TurnDry air dryers followed by infrared dryers; an OptiLoad 10 calender; OptiReel reel; WinBelt sub-floor winder; a process ventilation and steam and condensate system; roll handling systems; and a coating kitchen and machine circulations.

Automation systems across the board, and more

The order also includes one of the most extensive automation systems sold by Metso Automation in recent years including a complete DNA system; DCS system for bleached pulp, stock preparation, machine logic, machine process control; five PaperIQ scanners; five new-technology multi coat weight sensors; all CD controls including weight with dilution control, moisure with steambox, second CD moisture with IR dryers, and CD caliper control (OptiHard); auto grade change on all MD controls including retention control; multi-variable control; a PaperLab for complete testing; Sensodec systems for use on the OptiLoad and shoe press; Kajaani analyzers for paper machine wet end management "WEM", RMi's for retention control, CATi for cationic demand control and MCAi’s for total consistency management, brightness & residual sensors for TMP bleaching control and PQM's for Thermo Mechanical Pulp strength optimization; a camera system; and a web inspection system.

The order also includes all auxiliary systems for lubrication, mechanical drives and controls; a complete package of spare parts; installation and supervision; a support package for after start-up; a basic training package; and a cooperation agreement between Gaspésia and Metso.

Gaspésia Papers is a limited partnership of the Fonds de Solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), SGF Rexfor inc., and Tembec Inc., acting as operator for this project.

Metso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems, as well as know-how and aftermarket and services. The corporation's fiber and paper technology business area, Metso Paper, is the world's leading supplier of technology, systems and equipment for the pulp, paper and converting industries. Metso's other core businesses are rock and mineral processing (Metso Minerals) and automation and control technology (Metso Automation). In 2001, the net sales of Metso Corporation were EUR 4.3 billion and the personnel totaled approximately 30,000. Metso Corporation is listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

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