Metso Paper supplies board making line to Dongguan Jian Hui, China

Published Nov 19, 2002 12.32.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper, together with its Chinese joint venture company Valmet-Xian, will supply a machine for the production of coated White Lined Chipboard (WLC) to Dongguan Jian Hui Paper Company Ltd. of China. The machine will start up in the southern province of Guangdong in April 2004. The total value of the order is approx. MEUR 35. For Valmet-Xian the order is the largest in its history.

The four-layer, on-machine coating board machine has a wire width of 4.95 m and a design speed of 700 m/min. Among other things, the machine features SymFlo headboxes, a SymBelt ™ press, a ValSizer surface sizer, an OptiHard calender, four ValCoat units, and an OptiSoft calender. The basis weight range will be 200-400 g/sqm.

Dongguan Jian Hui is owned by three companies, Jianhua Paper Co. Dongguan City, Kin Fai International Industries Ltd. of Hong Kong and Sun Paper. Prior to this new agreement, the customer group has ordered a total of four machines from Valmet-Xian. The joint venture is currently delivering two 4.95 m-wide fluting machines to Jianhua Paper, while Sun Paper in Shandong, northeastern China, has placed orders for two WLC machines. In 2001 Sun Paper successfully started up a Valmet-Xian WLC machine and based on the good experiences then placed a repeat order for a similar machine, this time altogether a complete WLC production line, for the manufacture of art board and liquid packaging board. Valmet-Xian and Metso Paper will supply the line, which will come on stream in autumn 2003.

Dongguan Jian Hui Paper Co. Ltd. specializes in packaging boards, this order being their first investment in coated grade production. Sun Paper is one of China's leading producers of WLC and the country's fifth largest board manufacturer.

More information: Mr. Matti Aario, Vice President, Business Development, Asia, Tel. +358 40 519 8799