Metso Paper rebuilds effluent-treatment plant at M-Real Kyro

Published Dec 10, 2003 15.00.00 +2 GMT

M-real’s Kyro Mill in Finland has chosen Metso Paper to rebuild its effluent-treatment system. The contract represents a vital part of M-real's environmental efforts, with which M-real Kyro assumes responsibility in relation to the local community in preventing water pollution. The modernized effluent-treatment plant will be taken into use in the summer of 2004.

M-real Kyro produces high quality folding boxboard and base paper for wallpaper. The boxboard production capacity of the board machine BM 1 is 130,000 tons per year and the base paper production capacity of the paper machine PM 3 is 100,000 tons per year. The mechanical pulp needed for production is produced at the mill’s own groundwood plant.

The biological treatment plant was brought on-line in the mid-1980s. Since then, new environmental directives have been introduced and the Kyro mill’s output has also increased. Rebuilding the plant ensures that Kyro will achieve its stringent effluent limits. Additionally, the modernization allows Kyro to increase production without further expansion, since the rebuilt process will reduce the load level of the water leaving the plant. In particular, the amount of organic material and nutrients will decrease.

Metso Paper will deliver a complete effluent-treatment system, including the modernization of the plant's old activated sludge plant with a FlooBed bioreactor unit and an OptiDaf microflotation unit for the quality assurance of the outgoing water. Automation is also included in the delivery. In making its selection, M-real was persuaded by Metso Paper’s references from similar effluent-treatment plants.

More information: Ilkka Laasonen, Sales Manager, Water Management Systems tel. +358 400 523 890