Metso Paper opens Chinese website

Published Apr 17, 2003 11.19.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper has published a new website in Chinese at The website gives an overall view of Metso Paper's fiber and paper technology solutions and services. In addition to presenting the company's solutions for pulp, paper, board and tissue making, the web pages also introduce Metso Paper's operations and local customer services in China.

The products are introduced in the order you naturally find them in the papermaking process, making it easy for visitors to get information on the products or services they need.

Through Metso Paper's Chinese website it is also possible to access the Product Vault pages (in English) containing information on the aftermarket products and support services available for the pulp and paper industry.

The pulp and paper industry in China is growing fastest in the world, and Metso Paper is proud to be helping Chinese pulp & paper industry to achieve their ambitious targets. With the Chinese website, Metso Paper wants to continue to demonstrate a high level of commitment to its customers in the Chinese market.

Currently, Metso Paper's operations in China consist of a Representative Office in Beijing, a Service Technology Center in Wuxi, and a joint venture company Valmet-Xian, the leading paper machine factory in China and partly owned by Metso.

Metso - serving pulp and paper industry

Metso Paper, Inc. is a part of Metso Corporation. Together Metso Paper, Metso Automation and Metso Drives form a strong entity serving pulp and paper industry within Metso Corporation. The company offers a wide range of high quality and innovative products and services from single processes and production lines to complete projects, supported by a global customer service organization.

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