Metso Paper launches Learning Portal

Published Apr 09, 2003 09.34.00 +2 GMT

As a part of the Metso Future Care initiative to promote and support Life Long Learning for our customers, Metso Paper is now introducing a state of the art Learning Portal,

The portal offers a relationship where training products and services can be ordered or requested. The portal is specially designed to support blended learning. This is an approach that mixes different learning methods such as: - eLearning, (on-line multimedia training) - Class room training, (seminars) - Hands-on training and - Webinars (on-line classes over the Internet) Together, the different methods will maximize the learning outcome at the same time as costs are minimized.

The Learning Portal can offer mills all around the world access to training adapted to their specific needs. The Learning Portal promotes a life cycle learning approach, where access to training and trainers can be secured with a minimum of travelling. Offers are regional and global. The Learning Portal supports a flexible range of training agreements, including elements such as knowledge mapping, blended learning and different levels of certification. To enable these services Metso has invested in a Learning Management System (LMS) supplied by SABA.

New products and services will be continuously added to the portal to further support the Life Long Learning and continuous improvement processes of our customers.

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