Metso Paper extends its cleaning product family with a new device

Published June 27, 2001 20.50.00 +2 GMT

Coefa Company Ltd Oy has granted the exclusive selling right of its coating station counter roll cleaning device to Metso Paper, Inc. as of March 26, 2001. Besides the worldwide distribution of the product, Metso Paper will also be responsible for the after-sales service and spare part sales of the device.

The cleaning device, now renamed EasyWiper, is designed for efficient coating station counter roll cleaning. The system sweeps the surface of the counter roll with a sponge upon an impulse from the logic. Each time a seam is made and it passes the counter roll, the roll is automatically cleaned.

EasyWiper is always tailored for each specific application, allowing fast, reliable and fully automated cleaning of the counter roll. The system has a short payback time due to minimized amount of reject and consequent increased production. It also reduces safety risks and has a very low maintenance need.

EasyWiper supplements Metso Paper's cleaning equipment family, which already features such devices as EasyCleaner and TripleJet.

For additional information, please contact: Mr Jari Laine Global Product Manager, Metso Paper Service tel. +358 20 482 5243 e-mail: