Metso Paper builds a TMP/CTMP pulping line at the Inkeroinen Technology Center

Published May 06, 2002 11.30.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper builds a new TMP/CTMP (thermo-/chemithermomechanical) pulping line at the Mechanical Pulping Technology Center in Inkeroinen, Finland. The inauguration of the new TMP/CTMP line will take place in the beginning of 2003. The TMP/CTMP line augments the Technology Center's other mechanical pulping processes, including PGW (pressure groundwood) pulping, screening and bleaching, as well as reject handling.

The TMP/CTMP line will include a two-stage pressurized main line refining with an average daily pulping capacity of 25 tons. The production is compatible with Metso Paper's pilot paper and board machines in Inkeroinen and Jyväskylä, Finland. Additionally, the TMP/CTMP will be integrated with the recycled fiber and stock preparation pilot processes.

Metso Paper’s Mechanical Pulping Technology Center in Inkeroinen has the capability to simulate the pulping processes of all commercially viable mechanical pulps. The pilot processes are used for customer trials, pulp production for the company's own pilot paper machines, and for mechanical pulping technology product development.

More information: Hannu Mälkiä, President Mechanical Pulping Lines, tel. +358 20 482 9201

Ulf Hellberg, Vice President & General Manager Mechanical Pulping, puh. +46 60 16 58 57

Leif Petersson, Vice President, Technology Mechanical Pulping Lines, puh. +46 60 16 53 75