Metso Paper and Albany International reach new business accord

Published Oct 6, 2004 16.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper, Inc. and Albany International Corp. announced today that they have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in specified areas of paper and board making processes and paper machine clothing. The two companies have been engaged in a technological cooperation for several years and entered into a commercial agreement in 2000. The current agreement replaces the previous agreements.

By expanding the scope of the business the two companies expect to further take advantage of the complementary aspects of the business and technologies for the two companies. Sale of new paper machines, rebuilds and services to existing machines can now include the supply of paper machine clothing and process belts as well as the support of both the Metso and Albany application and service teams.

Frank Schmeler, Chairman and CEO of Albany International, commented, “We are optimistic that this newly expanded cooperation will bring exceptional value to our global customers. Metso Paper and Albany International continue to deliver world-class technology and applications expertise to paper and paperboard customers.”

Metso Paper President Bertel Karlstedt further commented, "By cooperating in mutually beneficial ways with existing opportunities, and working together in the development of future technologies, we believe the customer will receive valuable benefits".

Albany International is the world’s largest producer of paper machine clothing with world-class facilities strategically situated to serve the global paper industry. Metso Paper is the world’s leading supplier of technology, systems, equipment and services for the pulp, paper and paperboard industries.

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