Klabin places repeat order for board coater from Metso Paper

Published Nov 23, 2001 10.39.00 +2 GMT

Brazil’s largest forest corporation, Industrias Klabin Division Papel SA, has placed a repeat order with Metso Paper for board coating technology. The renewed PM 7 line is scheduled for start-up in July 2002.

The coating station to be supplied represents Metso Paper’s proven technology. The delivery will consist of a second Valmet OptiCoat Duo coating station for the line, with two backing rolls and a jet nozzle. The coater will also be equipped with a Valmet OptiAir dearation system and Valmet air dryers. Earlier, Metso Paper has supplied the line with Valmet SymSizer and OptiCoat Duo technology.

The coater was originally built in the 1970’s and extensively rebuilt by Metso Paper in 1999. The machine has a web width of 6,300 mm (248 in.) and after the rebuild speed will be max. 750 m/min (2,460 fpm). Production will be liquid packaging boards, folding boxboards and other carton boards, with basis weights from 130 to 380 g/m2.

The SymSizer and two OptiCoat Duo coating station concept will allow the customer to flexibly alter coating amounts and, if necessary, achieve high coat weights, without compromising coating quality and runnability. The modernized machine will be able to produce high-end product quality needed for the most modern printing methods.

Metso Paper’s Coaters and Reels unit in Järvenpää, Finland has the principal responsibility for this delivery, together with Valmet-Raisio for coating color circulation and Metso Paper, Pansio for drying technology.

Industrias Klabin is South America’s largest enterprise integrating all the aspects of forest industry. The corporation owns roughly 340,000 hectares of forest, of which approx. 221,000 hectares are plantations. Pine and eucalyptus are the principal species. The Monte Alegre mill is located in the town of Telemaco Borba in Parana State, about 650 km southwest of São Paulo.

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