Jiangxi Chenming LWC paper line started up in China

Published Mar 24, 2005 14.00.00 +2 GMT

The large LWC paper production line delivered by Metso Paper to Jiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. has been successfully started up in China. The new 1213 tpd OptiConcept production line delivered to the customer's greenfield paper mill in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, is one of the largest LWC lines in China. The quality of the paper produced by the line was excellent right from the start-up.

Metso's extensive single-supplier delivery package included stock preparation, broke handling systems and fiber recovery system, wet end chemical handling system and coating color kitchen, approach flow system, paper machine with paper finishing equipment and machine controls, air systems and necessary monitoring and control systems. The design speed of the 8.6 m wide PM 1 is 2000 m/min.

The majority of Jiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. is owned by Shandong Chenming Holdings Ltd., one of China’s largest paper producers. Metso Paper has previously supplied three complete paper machines to Chenming group (Shouguang PM 1 in 1998, Shouguang PM 2 and Wuhan Hanyang PM 1 in 2002).

More information: Kyösti Tokola, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Inc. tel. +358 40 758 5124, kyosti.tokola@metso.com

Juha S. Kinnunen, Paper Technology Manager, Metso Paper, Inc. tel. +358 40 724 1743, juha.s.kinnunen@metso.com