Giant board machine at Ningbo turns out world record production

Published May 9, 2005 14.00.00 +2 GMT

The world's largest cartonboard machine, Ningbo Xiaogang PM 1 in Xiaogang, Ningbo City, P.R. of China, continues its excellent operation. In April the machine produced 2483 tons/day of white lined chipboard, which is more than any other paper or board machine ever.

The 410 m long Ningbo Xiaogang PM 1, started up in November 2004, is designed to produce white lined chipboard in a basis weight range of 250 to 450 g/m. The trim width of the line is 8.1 m and the design speed 900 m/min. The board making line delivered by Metso Paper consists of a complete, eight-line stock preparation system, for both virgin and recycled fiber, and a complete five-ply board machine including five-station on-line coater.

For more information, please contact: Kari Kalliala, President, Board Business Line, Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +358 20482 6975,