FlyMaster - a new-generation fly roll for multinip calenders

Published June 14, 2005 12.00.00 +2 GMT

FlyMaster is Metso Paper's new-generation fly roll utilizing advanced composite technology. It is suitable for all supercalenders and other multinip calenders, regardless of the calender make.

The innovative construction is based on a flexible composite shell which is supported by an inner tube in the middle and by special vibration-absorbing elements at both ends. These elements can be adjusted to set the desired shell curvature and they also enable the shell to adapt to changes in the web tension profile. In this way papermakers can maintain even web tension under varying operating conditions.


FlyMaster's main features:

· Excellent runnability. FlyMaster’s continuously curved composite shell keeps the web well tensioned in both cross and machine directions. Due to its flexibility, the shell also adapts to changes in the web tension profile keeping it even in varying operating conditions.

· Smooth operation. FlyMaster enables smooth operation even at a higher operating speed than a conventional fly roll of the same size. This is thanks to its light weight, high-precision manufacturing and vibration damping ability.

· Better paper quality. The FlyMaster roll’s bearings are located in bearing housings outside of the web area. This construction helps eliminate the paper quality risks typical of conventional fly rolls, such as paper gloss variation caused by bearing heat generation and grease leaks to the web. The bearing housing construction also increases the reliability of bearing operation and makes bearing maintenance easier.

· Easy operation. Once in operation the FlyMaster roll requires only minimal manual readjustment. The desired shell curvature is typically preset during the first roll start-up. After that the roll shell adapts to changes in the machine direction tension profile, keeping the web well tensioned. FlyMaster also makes tail threading easier as the lightweight FlyMaster roll is easy to rotate and the composite shell surface is less hot to touch than a conventional steel fly roll.

For further information, please contact: Kari Röyskö, Global technology manager, Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +358 20 482 5293,