First Metso Advantage NTT tissue line to be started up at Fabrica De Papel San Francisco in Mexico

Published 1/15/2013, 9:00 AM EET

The Mexican tissue producer Fabrica De Papel San Francisco is preparing to start up their third Metso tissue production line. It will be the world’s first tissue line based on the Advantage NTT concept, which enables high bulk and softness properties at the same time as it provides energy savings compared to conventional or structured tissue grades.

“After operating two Metso Advantage DCT tissue machines with good experience, we are now prepared to take the next step for quality to produce tissue products with higher bulk and softness, aiming towards the top end products. The Advantage NTT concept will also bring us a higher production capacity compared to the dry crepe tissue concept,” says Dario Palma y Meza Espinoza, Director of Operations, Fabrica De Papel San Francisco.

“We have a very long and fruitful relation with Fabrica De Papel San Francisco and we are of course very excited to supply the firstAdvantage NTT technology and support their ambition to supply high-quality products produced with less energy and fiber. Fabrica De Papel San Francisco has a very strong and knowledgeable team,” says Jan Erikson, Vice President, Sales, Metso.

The project is proceeding according to plan and the new tissue production line will start up in Mexicali, Mexico, in the end of the second quarter of 2013.

Metso’s scope of supply comprises a complete 2.6-m-wide Advantage NTT tissue machine equipped with an OptiFlo II TIS headbox, a Metso Yankee cylinder, an Advantage AirCap yankee hood, sheet control, tail threading equipment, an Advantage WetDust dust management system and an Advantage SoftReel reel.

The new tissue line will add another 30,000 tonnes per year of bathroom tissue, napkin and towel grades to Fabrica De Papel San Francisco’s existing production.

Fabrica De Papel San Francisco already operates two Advantage tissue machines at their Mexicali facility, one of which started up in 2006 and the other in 2009. The company’s PM 4 set a then world speed record of 2,160 m/min in 2009 and their PM 5 achieved a record-breaking rapid start-up in 2009, reaching a production speed of 2,100 m/min only 12 days after start-up.

Fabrica De Papel San Francisco now operates four tissue production lines and converting facilities, delivering tissue products for the Mexican and USmarket.

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