DoubleForce1 ropeless tail threading started up at two UPM-Kymmene mills

Published Mar 11, 2003 13.57.00 +2 GMT

DoubleForce1, Metso Paper’s new ropeless tail threading concept for double-felted dryer sections, has made two successful start-ups at UPM-Kymmene Kajaani PM 4 and Voikkaa PM 18 mills in Finland.

DoubleForce1 is part of the OptiForce family, Metso Paper´s automated and ropeless tail threading concept for the entire machine line. DoubleForce1 is applicable for conventional or TwinRun type dryer section geometries, and is also applicable for both paper and board lines.

The OptiForce concept uses the revolutionary foil technology, in which no ropes are needed to provide a grip for a tail. Mechanical contact with the paper is facilitated by a high vacuum level.

The advantages of DoubleForce1 include improved machine efficiency due to a faster tail threading process, and the elimination of production losses caused by rope changes. Savings also include all rope costs. In addition, the amount of tail threading waste is minimal. Another remarkable advantage is improved human and mechanical safety.

At Kajaani PM 4, there are 20 DoubleForce1 units installed into two dryer groups. At Voikkaa PM 18, there are 30 units in three dryer groups. In both cases, the results have been very promising from the beginning. The tail threading process has been fast and reliable, also during process variations.

Various types of rebuilds are an essential part of efficient life cycle management. Metso Paper offers a comprehensive scope of value-added products, services and process solutions for all pulp and paper making machine processes. Our goal is to enhance customer's production lines by providing the right solution for each stage - with a short payback time.

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