Core jointing eliminates bouncing

Published June 2, 2004 14.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper launches a new method to eliminate bouncing during winding. Especially high friction and rough paper grades such as newsprint containing de-inked pulp have tendency to core eccentricity, which deteriorates winder and printing press runnability.

The new method invented by Metso Paper (patent pending) is based on jointing cores together with mating grooves. The grooves prevent cores from drifting out from the rotation axis during winding. Cores stay centric in the paper roll and winder can be run faster without bouncing. Thus, grooved core ends ensure excellent roll appearance and superior runnability in the printing press.

Grooves are prepared either in an automatic grooving station that is an auxiliary equipment for a core handling system, or manually after core cutting. Grooved core ends increase winder capacity by eliminating bouncing and remove the need of using plastic or steel adapters between cores during winding, which is a practice in some paper mills.

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More information: Petri Paukkunen, Manager, Sales Support and Start-ups, Metso Paper, Inc., Roll Finishing Systems, Järvenpää, Finland, Tel. +358 204 82 8491,