Improved moisture analyzing technology enhances productivity at biofuel power plants - New technology from Metso to efficiently analyze moisture of any bulk materials in wide industrial application range

Published Apr 09, 2013 10.00.00 +2 GMT

Measuring moisture more accurately at power plants, for example, can determine the true heat value of incoming biofuel better. This helps evaluate its true energy content and value to optimize boiler operation for enhanced productivity. With the new Metso MR Moisture Analyzer, it is possible to accurately measure the water content of virtually any bulk material.

Metso has developed the Metso MR Moisture Analyzer that features fast and reliable moisture measurement with a large sample volume. In power generation, fuel moisture is the main property measured. Oven drying has been the conventional standard for measuring moisture in biofuels. However, it requires both resources and time to provide accurate results. The new Metso MR Moisture Analyzer enables power producers to reach fast and reliable moisture measurement with less effort and costs.

With the new moisture analyzer, it is possible to accurately measure the water content of virtually any bulk material, such as wood-based samples (whole-tree chips, forest residue chips, peat), annual fibers (straw, grains, willow), minerals, foodstuffs and sludge.

Easy to use, low maintenance need

The Metso MR Moisture Analyzer is easy to use: Just insert a sample into the container provided and follow the instructions on a touch-screen user interface. Since there are no wearing parts, the need for maintenance is low. The device is connected to the distributed control system or other plant systems via Ethernet Modbus.

To further increase measurement efficiency, the analyzer can be part of a complete Metso fuel management solution. By integrating it with Metso DNA Fuel Data Manager, fuel management from gate to boiler can be efficiently covered. The Metso DNA Fuel Data Manager monitoring and reporting tool offers complete control and management of fuel deliveries, energy and quality.

New: magnetic resonance technology adopted

The new Metso MR Moisture Analyzer measures the moisture content in less than two minutes. Samples no longer need to be taken to the laboratory, since the device measures them in field conditions thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. The measuring accuracy is extremely high: +/-1 moisture percentage within a 10-90% range.

The device has easy calibration with tap water instead of material-specific calibration. The unit handles large sample volumes up to 0.8 liters, which means that the same sample mass can be measured according to the European standard.

The analyzer measures the water content by measuring hydrogen atoms from free water molecules with magnetic resonance (MR) technology. This modern technology is widely used in the medical segment for magnetic imaging and chemical analysis MR spectroscopy. Metso has now innovatively adopted it to measure moisture of almost any bulky material. It is possible to measure virtually any sample containing water, regardless of the material quality or particle size.


Caption: In power generation, fuel moisture is main measured quality. Now Metso challenges the standard oven drying method by launching a new product, Metso MR Moisture Analyzer. For the customers, enhanced productivity is achieved, and the result of the measurement is available in less than two minutes compared to the existing methods within 16-24 hours. 

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