Neste Oil chooses Metso's automation and valve technology for the production of high-octane gasoline

The process unit under construction at Neste Oil's refinery in Porvoo, Finland, transforms gasoline fractions into more valuable and higher-quality gasoline components. Automation's role is to ensure accurate control and safety in the demanding process.

Neste Oil and Metso have agreed on the delivery of automation and valve technology for the refinery unit under construction at Neste Oil's Porvoo refinery. Metso's technology helps the company with its targets to increase the output of high-octane gasoline and to improve flexibility in production. Construction started in 2013, and the unit is due to come on stream in spring 2015.

"Reliable implementation of the demanding controls and ensuring process safety are the most important requirements for automation. In this project, we will realize these with the help of Metso's automation system and valves, as well as with the HiMax safety system," says Jani Halijoki, Project Engineer, Neste Oil.

Metso's delivery includes a Metso DNA automation system, a safety system, and links to Neste Oil's existing systems, as well as automated on-off and emergency shutdown (ESD) valves. Also, project engineering, installation, commissioning and training will be provided by Metso.

Neste Oil and Metso have a long track record of developing demanding special applications in cooperation to match the needs of refineries. Metso's technologies are used at Neste Oil's plants in Finland, Rotterdam and Singapore.

Technical information

Automation has a significant impact on the efficiency and functionality of the isomerization unit. The Metso DNA automation and information system covers monitoring, process controls of the continuous and batch processes and links to external systems. Additionally, the Metso DNA system features a seamlessly integrated, SIL3 approved safety system.

Metso DNA is a scalable system that can be used both in small PLC-type applications as well as in plant-wide applications. Metso's system is based on over 20 years' experience in supplying automation systems to oil refineries and the petrochemical industry.

The majority of the automated on-off and ESD valves included in Metso's delivery is for the batch process. Most of them are X series valves equipped with SwitchGuard valve controllers. The latter are very suitable for the batch process, as valve opening and closing times can be adjusted in each valve separately. With the controllers, there is also less need for instrumentation. In addition, they enable remote condition monitoring.

Neste Oil Corporation is a refining and marketing company concentrating on low-emission, high-quality traffic fuels. The company produces a comprehensive range of major petroleum products and is the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel. Neste Oil had net sales of EUR 17.5 billion in 2013, and it employs around 5,000 people.

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