Metso's Nomination Board consist of representatives of Cevian Capital, Solidium, Varma and Ilmarinen

Metso's Nomination Board consist of representatives of Cevian Capital, Solidium, Varma and Ilmarinen

Metso Corporation's stock exchange release on September 2, 2014 at 12:00 noon

Representatives of the four largest shareholders registered in Metso's
shareholder register as of September 1, 2014 are elected to the Shareholders'
Nomination Board along with the Chairman of the Board of Directors as an expert
member. Nomination Board is responsible for making proposals regarding the
composition of the Board and the remuneration paid to Board members for the
Annual General Meeting in 2015.

According to the shareholder register, Metso Corporation's four largest
shareholders on September 1, 2014 were:

 -  Cevian  Capital  (Cevian  Capital  II  Master  Fund  L.P. and Cevian Capital
Partners  Ltd)  (20 813  714 shares  and  votes,  or 13.83% of share capital and

-  Solidium  Oy  (17 521  287 shares  and  votes, or 11.65% of share capital and

-  Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company (5 548 465 shares and votes, or 3.69%
of share capital and votes)

-  Ilmarinen Mutual  Pension Insurance  Company (4 410  126 shares and votes, or
2.93% of share capital and votes).

Metso Corporation plans to hold its 2015 Annual General Meeting in March 2015.

Metso is a leading process performance provider, with customers in the mining,
oil and gas, and aggregates industries. Metso's cutting-edge services and
solutions improve availability and reliability in minerals processing and flow
control, providing sustainable process and profit improvements. Metso is listed
on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland. In 2013, Metso's net sales totaled EUR 3.8
billion. Metso employs approximately 16,000 industry experts in 50 countries.
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