The Importance of Analyzers and Measurements for APC Success in the Kraft Mill

Start date: May 15, 2024

End date: May 15, 2024

Location: Webinar, North America

Customer quoteWebinar Date: May 15th, 1:00 pm EDT, 45 minutes + Q&A

Webinar Description

Advanced Process Control (APC) allows for optimizing of kraft mill performance to maximize productivity while minimizing operating costs. The sustainable success of an APC requires that the system provide true value to operators so they are compelled to apply the control rather than be regulated to do so. This is achieved when good data and engineering principles are applied to enable control beyond human capacity, allowing the operation to get as much capability out of existing equipment as possible.  

During the webinar, we will cover the following for the Chemical Recovery Cycle:

  • Key measurements used in APC
  • Example results of advanced process models
  • Value of optimizing key performance indicators

[NOTE: The webinar will be in the English language. This webinar is only offered to process and energy industry facility owners, pulp, paper, board and tissue producers, process and energy industry consultants and university faculty and students. Use your company or university domain email address when registering. Products and services mentioned in this presentation may not be available in all regions.]


Troy Willis

Troy Willis 
Fiberline Solutions Manager

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Troy Willis is an experienced professional with over 30 years of working in the pulp and paper industry. Throughout his career, he has specialized in pulping and bleaching, and held various positions ranging from process engineering to optimization and area management. Troy has also worked in Environmental Health and Safety for pulp and paper as well as molded fiber. Most recently, he worked as a Design Engineer and Plant Manager for the start-up of a type 3 molded fiber before returning to Valmet.

Travis Conner

Travis Conner
Solution Manager

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Travis Conner has been in the pulp and paper industry for 15 years. Prior to joining Valmet, he held various production roles in North American pulp mills, including causticizing plants, evaporators, recovery boilers, and brownstock pulping.

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