Making high quality happen

Apr 21, 2020

Anu Salonsaari-Posti

Valmet is committed to high quality in both its operations and the products and services we provide to our customers. To fulfill our commitment, we take a systematic approach to developing our quality performance. We work closely with our customers to understand their quality-related needs and meet their expectations. Customer feedback is a valuable source of information that helps us to become better in quality and in serving our customers.

To boost our quality culture and performance, we focus on several different areas of quality. Our common theme at Valmet is: “Quality does not just happen – we make it happen”. We aim for a good quality performance before, during and after the delivery of our technologies and services, and cooperate with our customers in enhancing the quality of their end products.

As well as providing our customers with high-quality products and services, we also want to create a strong customer experience at all touchpoints and enable smooth cooperation. We attend to the smaller things as well as the bigger things – for example, efficient and purposeful meetings and easy access to all relevant documentation are basic parts of our quality performance as a partner.

High quality requires determined work and commitment at every step of the value chain. By continuously strengthening our quality culture and investing in the training of our personnel, we ensure that the values and competencies of our people match those required to produce high-quality solutions. We also set clear quality-related requirements for our suppliers and partners, and support them in fulfilling the set targets. 

Making high quality happen is truly a common effort! In this magazine, we explore and highlight examples of the many ways in which we are working with quality – most often in close cooperation with our customers. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

Anu Salonsaari-Posti
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Communications