Valmet Spare Parts service helps tissue converters choose and maximize OEM parts

Using the right spare parts for maintenance is critical because line efficiency depends on the correct functioning of each part. Cost often drives many tissue converters to decide upon using non-OEM spare parts, and, just as often, they usually come to regret it.

Losses No Tissue Converter Can Afford

Tissue converting equipment needs regular maintenance to consistently reach full production efficiency. Choosing between OEM and non-OEM parts is fundamental to achieving desired results.

Fitting a non-OEM part in a Valmet line does not guarantee effectiveness. Over time, it might actually have a negative impact that isn't immediately attributable to the part itself. 

To provide context, here’s a real-life example that happened recently: A customer experienced a significant loss of performance on a tissue line. No one in the plant could identify the technical cause, not even the operators working on the line every day. During an on-site intervention, Valmet technicians identified many non-OEM spare parts installed during line maintenance that caused loss of performance, breakdowns, and increased downtime. The technicians replaced the non-OEM spare parts with originals, and the machines immediately resumed full production speed.

Non-OEM spare parts tend to underperform. Using them during maintenance means running the risk of losing quality and efficiency, as well as premature breakage. On the other hand, as a machine producer, Valmet guarantees the correct materials, tolerances, raw materials  and treatments are used for original parts.

Any upfront cost savings realized using non-OEM parts are offset by potential losses that negatively impact the total cost of ownership (TCO):

1. Lost efficiency

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is premised on machine performance. Non-OEM spare parts may not offer the same precision and reliability as OEM parts, which could lead to production slowdowns.

2. Lost time

Lost time usually equates to lost money, especially if a non-OEM part significantly damages tissue converting machines through malfunction or failure. In this scenario, maintenance can be long and expensive, leading to extended production line downtime.

3. Lost safety

Non-OEM parts could put workers at risk, leading them to feel unsafe while operating the equipment. 

Purchasing genuine OEM parts reduces these risks and provides substantial advantages regarding savings, productivity, and time management. 

The Benefits of Valmet Spare Parts Service 

Valmet is sensitive to the needs of tissue converters, especially as increased materials procurement lead times continue to fluctuate from 32 to 37 days, depending on the part.

Through our advanced logistics, Valmet offers customers an in-house stock management program which guarantees an overall reduction of working capital costs, locked-in prices, and high service levels without the risk of obsolescence.

In fact, Spare Parts department inventory numbers around 30,000 OEM parts for all Valmet equipment, regardless of age. The expansive inventory ensures accessibility and optimal productivity for customers as it allows Valmet to:

  • Guarantee high service levels — currently supported at 95% availability for the in-house program — even when materials are difficult to come by or parts may be obsolete. Thanks to our investment strategy, 70% of requests are fulfilled by material available in our in-house warehouse.
  • Leverage logistics and shipping to deliver parts door-to-door in 24 hours, anywhere in the world to help reduce downtime-related losses.
  • Help customers assess and manage part life cycles to support them in their procurement strategy.
  • Fully engage customers through an optional Performance Service Program for peak efficiency. The annual, customizable program integrates Spare Parts Management, on-site and remote technicians, and operator training.

The advantages of the Valmet Spare Parts service don’t begin and end with OEM parts availability. Each benefit is backed by a team of Valmet professionals skilled in the technical aspects of OEM parts use, combined with global coverage, versatility in fold, converting, and packaging line needs, and dedicated customer support.

Choosing to invest in genuine OEM spare parts pays for itself in reliability and savings over time, reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Tissue converters that utilize the Valmet Spare Parts service and team often realize more benefits of spare parts management, more quickly — and also take advantage of the value-added programs, training, technical and specification expertise, and dedication of a true strategic partner.