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automated tissue converting solutions

Consistent tissue converting equipment availability and performance on the line is critical for managing overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and product quality standards. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology could mean significant and frequent capital investments to outfit converting lines with the latest generation of machinery — a solution that isn’t necessarily feasible. 

Instead, identifying opportunities to integrate technologies into existing production line equipment to optimize availability, performance, and quality can meaningfully impact OEE. 

This approach is central to the technological innovations showcased by Valmet Business Area Tissue Converting at the 2024 Tissue Making Days conference. 

1. Easy Reel Change changeover system

Valmet’s Easy Reel Change system allows for faster and safer changeovers in toilet paper, towel and tissue product converting to optimize line productivity. 

Along with enabling greater product range flexibility and consistent quality control, this advanced technology: 

  • Allows operators to safely prepare a new reel in advance and away from risk of injury on the line 
  • Automatically ejects the finished reel so operators can load the new reels 
  • Joins the web of the finished reel with the web of the new reel 
  • Centralizes all loading and unloading operations completely outside of the unwinder 

2. Auto Web Starter automated web thread-up 

The inefficiencies, wastefulness, and potential safety risks to operators illustrates the inherent flaws in manual web thread-up. Valmet engineers addressed these issues by developing the Auto Web Starter. 

The Auto Web Starter is an automated solution that simplifies web thread-up with a series of three systems that work in succession: 

  • Shuttle: Plastic shuttles and belts replace manual web guidance. Operators weave the web tail into the shuttles, attach the shuttles to the belt, and exit the machine to start the automation from the HMI panel 
  • Transfer: Web tail is automatically removed from the previous belt and transferred to the next belt while machines run at low speed 
  • Re-start: With the rewinder at low speed, the Auto Web Starter detects when the paper is completely spread, then automatically cuts the paper and re-starts production at full speed. A belt running beyond the rewinder carries excess cut paper to a waste bin above the tail sealer which operators can empty without interrupting production 

3. Perini 179AX Log Saw automatic blade replacement 

The Perini 179AX is the first log saw to allow fast, automatic blade replacement without requiring the operator to enter the machine. Replacement starts with a touch of a button on the HMI panel or through the ALL IN ONE smart application. 

The technology optimizes equipment availability with: 

  • 4-minute blade replacement that reduces change time by 90% over previous methods, and reduces downtime by up to 30 minutes per blade change 
  • Automatically sets grindstone interference to deliver consistent, repeatable sharpening 
  • Enhanced operator safety since they remain outside of the machine during replacement, and are further protected from blades though safe warehouse loading of a 5-slot warehouse onto the running machines 
  • HMI panel recipes to automate blade diameter adjustments
  • The option to install previously used blades, so blades not fully consumed on large product SKUs can be reused on smaller SKUs 

4. Sam operational solutions  

Sam operational solutions guarantee consistent quality and performance in tissue production. The sophisticated sensor systems operate as a virtual line supervisor focused on continuous improvement in production efficiencies. 

The advanced technology: 

  • Aids operators of all skill levels in delivering consistent, repeatable product quality and performance 
  • Continuously and independently adapts the entire manufacturing process to proactively avoid potential deviations and slowdowns 
  • Monitors specific variables such as log characteristics, perforation quality, and package quality, making adjustments as necessary to minimize deviations and line interruptions 
  • Reviews the established final product result against production in real time, identifying possible deviations and making autonomous corrections to align with the established limits 
  • Ensures OEE at the line level and extends the life cycle of production assets

5. Trolley-One-Touch wrapper trolley changeover 

Tissue manufacturers need to produce a wide range of products and formats for the market which is a challenge to line efficiency. In response, the Valmet team developed the Trolley-One-Touch, a patented robotic mechanical arm that automates trolley changeover on Casmatic Carbon-T wrappers. 

The advanced technology: 

  • Automatically replaces the number of trolleys needed for each format in under three minutes 
  • Virtually eliminates operator setup errors, which saves time and reduces waste 
  • Improves safety since operators do not need to enter the machine to make manual format changes, and they can operate the Trolley One Touch with minimal training or experience 
  • Improves safety by eliminating the need for operators to enter the machine and manually adjust format changes 
  • Makes the Casmatic Carbon-T wrapper the first in the world with an automatic trolley changeover system

Valmet is dedicated to changing the game in tissue converting with technological solutions that help manufacturers incrementally upgrade equipment to maximize OEE. Contact the Valmet team or visit the ReadytoGo platform to learn more about the technologies we showcased at Tissue Making Days and other solutions to help you realize greater profitability.