PIVOT Solutions: the center of excellence for the tissue industry

The global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all industries to operate differently. The tissue industry is certainly not exempt from the impact of the crisis, which has given rise to examining emerging consumer trends and industry trends that have tissue converters exploring how to prioritize market shifts and product demand. Maintaining a competitive advantage can be complicated, but having a partner that can help you navigate an ever-changing market can make things easier.

Leading companies, leading innovation

PIVOT Solutions — the new center of excellence for the tissue industry — houses experts from Valmet, Engraving Solutions, Roll-Tec, and Pivot under one roof. Doing so means tissue converters have access to:

  • Long-term, field-proven expertise on converting tissue.
  • Deep and sound knowledge on all engraving technologies.
  • Data collection and analysis capabilities related to machine performance and product quality.

Collaboration with Pivot Solutions gives tissue converters opportunities for true innovation, whether the focus is on product improvement or new product ideation and development. Experts guide key choices in paper, technology, and product features to help tissue converters succeed — but that’s just the beginning.

Real world testing and results

PIVOT Solutions consolidates a breadth of knowledge on raw paper, finished products, and technologies, but it’s more than a think tank. It integrates world-class competencies across value chains so tissue converters can easily prototype any type of product, and test it under realistic operating conditions.

In addition to effectively addressing existing product needs, Pivot Solutions is instrumental in new product development. This is especially beneficial in light of how cultural and personal habits related to hygiene are shifting in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Pivot Solutions encompasses a number of high- and low-speed Pilot Lines that are strategically placed in Valmet facilities worldwide to service our global customer base. The Pilot Lines — including the advanced Constellation S6 — give tissue converters state-of-the-art, data-based capabilities in:

  • Product Research & Development
    • Develop and prototype new ideas, and/or improve existing products
    • Run in-depth testing on innovations offered by Pivot Solutions
    • Test paper types directly from paper-making Pilot Line
  • Production Enhancement
    • Identify ideal combinations of paper, technologies, and product features
    • Test and fine-tune products developed using new consumables or rubber types
    • Train and offer ongoing support to operators
  • Market Opportunities
    • Create samples for panel tests
    • Assess new market opportunities with dedicated production batches
    • Sell production capacity as it relates to low investment/high flexibility in existing product replication

Even as demand for tissue products and market shifts ratchets up, taking your tissue converting business to the next level has never been easier or more possible. Pivot Solutions helps you unlock your operation’s full potential with innovations and capabilities that resonate with tissue converters and help shape your success.