Going green with reliable valves for hydrogen and oxygen applications

Ville and Taneli discussing green hydrogen

As the significance of responsible and sustainable industrial processes increases, the role of green and blue hydrogen as carbon-neutral fuel produced from surplus renewable energy or through CO2 removal, respectively, will continue to grow. Did you know that we offer a wide range of high-quality valve solutions for green and blue hydrogen?

Today Ville Kähkönen, Head of Industry, Power to X and Gases, and Taneli Naukkarinen, Director of Core Industries, EMEIA Market Area, talked about green hydrogen and oxygen, and how Valmet's long experience in the industry can help customers on their path to a greener future.

It is obvious that green hydrogen is trending almost everywhere. What does this mean for Valmet?

Ville: Yes, it is very clear that the hydrogen economy is going forward, and I’m happy to see so many ongoing projects.

While hydrogen may sound like something new and exciting, Valmet actually has a long history of supplying valves to hydrogen service.

While hydrogen may sound like something new and exciting, Valmet actually has a long history of supplying valves to hydrogen service. Hydrogen is a common process medium for us; we know the details that make the best valves for the hydrogen industry.

Valmet is a market leader in industrial gas processes where very demanding valves are needed. I do see a good number of opportunities to talk about safety-related topics with people who have not worked with hydrogen processes before.

Electrolyzers play a key role in green hydrogen supply. Are there some special valves needed?

Ville: The details and specific requirements for valves differ in each case. As we already talked about hydrogen, I also would also like to emphasize the importance of oxygen valves. These should not be handled just as standard valves because they too could require special oxygen-approved materials and manufacturing processes.

Fortunately, Valmet is expert in oxygen valves so we can fulfill the different needs for each project. However, we need to remember that safety and reliability are the key points in both hydrogen and oxygen valves.

You work closely with hydrogen manufacturers in Europe. How do you handle the number of requests that we are currently seeing?

Taneli: We have a dedicated and efficient team that focuses specifically on green hydrogen-related topics. This team has deep knowledge and understanding of the requirements for electrolyzers, for example. They are in direct contact with the OEMs and support the local country sales and service organizations in discussions with customers.

Can you tell us with whom are you currently working?

Taneli: Well, all individual electrolyzer producers have their own solutions and processes to some extent. Currently, we are working with most of the major electrolyzer OEMs in Europe, and we offer tailored valve solutions for their respective processes.

What can Valmet offer to OEMs?

Taneli: We can offer pre-defined valve packages for each individual electrolysis solution. In addition, we have a very good service network for professional services.

How do you see the importance of safety and reliability?

Safety is the key in hydrogen and oxygen service.

Taneli: Safety is the key in hydrogen and oxygen service. In addition to safe and reliable valves, we can also provide our customers a preventive maintenance monitoring system. That way we can tackle potential issues in the process long before they are noticed.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.