Enhanced process and quality vision for web break analysis

Aug 1, 2017

The Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) system is a comprehensive machine vision solution that covers the entire pulp and paper production process, as well as the production processes for other sheet-based materials. It contains all the key elements of advanced process and quality vision; Web Inspection System (WIS) and Web Monitoring System (WMS) integrated into one scalable system.

Recent developments in Valmet's IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) system make it better than ever before. The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System is now more compact in size. The system provides papermakers higher-quality images than ever before, which enable virtually instantaneous corrective actions.

According to Aki Torvinen, Automation Business Manager, Machine Vision at Valmet, the enhanced system has undergone significant R&D: "... when it comes to its camera, LED light and system structure. These improvements enable papermakers to focus faster on specific web problems and avoid profitability losses."

Fast and easy root cause analysis of web breaks

The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System allows operators to quickly determine root causes of sheet breaks.

The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System records video images on the crucial events in the process, such as web breaks, tail threading and defects triggered by the Web Inspection System. Recorded images are synchronized by positions and available for playback, enabling operators to quickly find the origin of the event and correct the problem. Automated synchronization of images minimizes needed analysis time and easily shows the root cause of the break. This shortens downtime after breaks and improves runnability. Optimized machine efficiency delivers fast payback on the initial investment.

The camera enclosure is compact and modular allowing the use of different kinds of cameras and optics, such as a manual, motor zoom or pinhole optics. Pinhole optics allows camera use in the dirtiest locations on the machine line. A separate washer can be added if the camera is located in an especially challenging environment. A separate compact LED light module is synchronized with the camera, providing better optimization of the light pattern and its direction.

Ensure uniform end-product quality

The IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) provides new information to reduce the origins of web defects when optimizing production quality and efficiency. The result is a customer product which meets the highest standards for visual quality, printing performance and high efficiency converting.

The Valmet IQ Web Inspection System provides new information to reduce the origins of web defects.

The system consists of high performance industrial digital matrix cameras with synchronized high power stroboscopic LED lights to provide the sharpest images in industry. The video signal is transferred through fiber optic cables to avoid any electrical signal disturbances. The latest sensitive defect detection and classification software algorithms run in the state-of-the-art image analysis platform units to identify and classify all relevant web defects from the complete web. The result is shown on a defect map or in the form of a statistic overview including the photographic defect images for machine operators and quality control. Using this new information, the operator can easily make the necessary changes in machine operations to resolve the problems.

For more information on how Valmet's IQ Process and Quality Vision system can improve your end product quality and improve profitability, contact your Valmet representative.