Valmet long lasting filter bags deliver the best performance

Mar 19, 2019

Boosting filter performance is easy with Valmet Disc Filter Bags. They incorporate everything from a perfect fit to the best materials and a long lifetime – everything you need from a disc filter bag. Valmet is the global market leader in disc filter bags.

An absolutely perfect fit

All Valmet Disc Filter Bags, regardless of the material, are designed and made to fit perfectly in demanding applications. We use a computer-controlled laser cutter with coded dimensions to ensure absolute precision. In addition to tight and durable stitches, the fabric edges are nonfraying.

To check that the bag size is exactly right, we fit the bags on actual-size model sectors supplied by filter manufacturers.

Expected lifetime of Valmet Filter Bags

Expected lifetime of Valmet Filter Bags

Materials that match process needs

Valmet uses polypropylene (PP) or Kynar as filter cloth material, both of which provide optimal filtration results. The polypropylene fiber is ideal for normal conditions, whereas the Kynar fiber is ideally suited to more demanding conditions with its excellent tolerance of high operating temperatures and chemical resistance properties. The high-quality Kynar filter bags are fitted with acid-proof zippers and sewn with Teflon yarn.

Experience and lab services at your disposal

Expertise and laboratory servicesWe have over four decades of experience in making filter fabrics and improving mill process productivity. Laboratory analyses of raw materials and finished goods play a very important part in Valmet’s operations. Our laboratory services include:

  • Research facilities for used fabrics
  • Wear studies of fabrics, fillers and dewatering elements
  • Chemical analyses (FTIR, EDS)

The filtration problems facing the modern wood-processing industry require sophisticated solutions. With state-of-the-art materials, advanced production methods and thorough quality control, Valmet is committed to helping our customers find the best solutions.

OEM cooperation and integrated supply chain

Through our close cooperation with original equipment manufacturers of disc filters and with our position as a start-up bag supplier, we are the first to know about new disc filters and their specific challenges. This enables us to provide our customers with the most advanced filter cloth solutions.

To ensure that you get the best engineered products for your disc filters, Valmet manages and controls the entire supply chain, including the selection and purchase of suitable raw materials, weaving, treatment, cutting, sewing and engineering for each application.

Easy to install and durable

Valmet Disc Filter Bags are laser cut, so they are always identical in size. This simplifies installation and optimizes reliability and shrinkage. Since the filter bag material is designed and manufactured to withstand demanding conditions, Valmet provides a 5-year guarantee against damages caused by hydrolysis for our Kynar disc filter bags.

Filter bag tips

When fitting a Valmet Disc Filter Bag, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the bag carefully onto the sector and zip up the bag.
  2. Always fasten the clamps before shrinking.
  3. Shrink the bag either by immersing it in hot (>100°C/212°F) water or by applying steam onto the bag.

Always remember

  • Whether using hot water or steam, always start shrinking at the lower end of the bag. This is the only way to ensure that the bag shrinks tightly around the filter edges and that the peripheral clamps are properly fastened.
  • Always store the filter bags below the maximum temperature of 30°C/85°F.
  • Do not store the bags for more than two years.

For more information about filter bags, contact your Valmet representative.