Advantage WetDust safely contains and removes tissue machine dust

Sep 13, 2016

A tissue machine is designed to produce quality tissue products - and where tissue is made, dust will follow. Dust gives rise to numerous potential workplace hazards; respiratory, safety, environmental, flammability, machine runnability… and it’s downright unsightly. Effective dust removal not only creates a safer working environment, but also results in a better end product for your customers.

Advantage WetDust with Air CurtainValmet's Advantage WetDust system is designed to capture dust where it is created by encapsulating it in water. The risk of fire within the dust system is eliminated and interior surfaces of the collectors and ductwork stay cleaner. Capturing and containing dust inside the machine frame reduces dust migration to the machine hall. And with the additional Air Curtain even more dust is captured, contained and collected.

There are many ways Valmet can help you manage and eliminate dust from around your tissue making equipment. The brochure and flyer in the Related Links area describe the Advantage WetDust system and Air Curtain.

For more information and assistance improving your tissue machine area safety and end product quality, contact your Valmet representative.