New marine horizons with LNG

Jul 14, 2023

Knutsen Group of Norway has started a new LNG marine project with Valmet. Knutsen is the world’s largest shuttle tanker operator and a major operator of LNG carriers. Their project, LNG/c Haugesund Knutsen, is a 5,000 m3 LNG bunker barge that will supply LNG to gas carriers and LNG-fueled vessels. The vessel is owned by Knutsen and will operate in the port basin of Barcelona rather than make long voyages.

marine Cropped (1).png

Valmet’s integrated marine automation system – Valmet DNA with the latest web-based user interface – has been selected to be the main control and monitoring system on board. The Valmet system includes Machinery Automation System (MAS), Cargo Control &
Monitoring System (CCMS), Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) and the Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System.

This project also brings together the expertise of numerous other suppliers. Valmet has contracted with the Spanish Astilleros Armon Gijon S.A. shipyard to provide the ship’s machinery automation system. Astilleros Armon builds up to 40 vessels annually, including
tugboats, ferries and fishing vessels.

Valmet is also working with Gas and Heat SpA of Italy to design and deliver the LNG cargo handling and emergency shutdown systems for the 5,000 m3 bunker barge that are part of the Valmet DNA integrated automation system concept. Gas and Heat is a
family-owned business with a history in the maritime industry of more than 70 years.

Working with Knutsen’s new LNG bunker vessel project, along with many other well-established suppliers in the maritime industry, gives Valmet an ideal opportunity to broaden it competence and horizon in marine automation. This moves Valmet
forward into new marine business segments.