Nashua Valmeteer honored for 50 years of service

Jun 20, 2023

For the past 50 years, Yves ‘Frenchy’ Langlois has been hard at work in the warehouse, performing field service tasks, and more. In recognition of his many years of service and dedication, we’re celebrating him as a Distinguished Service Award recipient.


Frenchy began his career in the paper and pulp industry in 1973 when he started working for Ingersoll-Rand in the IMPCO division where his father worked. He was 18 years old at the time.

After working diligently for several months in a welding class, Frenchy proved to be a quick learner who excelled at stick and tig welding. Several years later, he was approached by a coworker to join the titanium welding department. At the time there was a big titanium welding area and Frenchy started going over for an hour a day to learn. Ultimately, after several months of learning how to purge, and perform other welding tasks, he was able to pass a welding test. In the 35 years since then, he has become a sought-after welding expert who is frequently requested for his expertise in titanium welding.

Frenchy is a very dedicated, hard-working person and very conscientious about his work quality. I've worked with Frenchy for about 30 years now and he is well respected acros the work community. In Field service, he would be requested all the time due to his knowledge and high quality of work." - Ricky Burgess, Store Room Attendant (TL)

In 1980, Frenchy was offered the opportunity to move into field service. After accepting the offer, he was soon traveling all over the world to do repairs, maintenance, and more. One year he traveled from Maine to Georgia in addition to Spain, and even Brazil. Throughout the time that he was in Field Service, the company that he worked for underwent several name changes. Ingersoll-Rand gave way to Beloit and then to GL&V (the latter of which opened an office in Trois-Rivières where he worked for a year).

Currently, Frenchy is a Store Room Attendant in the Nashua, NH office and focuses on mostly carpentry. However, due to the skills he acquired throughout his career, he will complete the occasional welding job when asked.
Frenchy working in the warehouse

For the past 50 years, Frenchy has been a dedicated, loyal employee and has done whatever is asked of him. I've only had the pleasure to work directly with him for a couple years but day in day out he has made my job easier. He's such a genuine person professionally and personally." - Glen Hicks, Purchasing Manager 

Frenchy is a very personable guy and is a great person to work with. I've been working with him for 45 years in the factory and on the road and we've had plenty of great memories. It's been a pleasure to have been on that journey with him for such a long time." - Bob Delisle, QA Receiving Specialist  

Thank you, Frenchy, for your 50 years in the industry and your dedicated service!