Flexible and smooth working during the exceptional times – Summer in IT Purchasing

Aug 31, 2020

Flexible and smooth working during the exceptional times – Summer in IT Purchasing

I have been working as an IT purchasing trainee at Valmet during the summer 2020. I have really enjoyed my time and it has been really exiting to be a part of a major global company. Since the situation this year has been quite exceptional, everyday working life has looked a bit different. I have been doing most of my work remotely. All in all, I have been really satisfied on how flexibly and smoothly everything has been handled. It has been effortless to get assistance and communicate with my co-workers and partners. Online meetings have become very familiar during this summer.

My main responsibility has been handling the IT procurements and working as a “middleman” between the Valmet employees and suppliers. I have also gotten an opportunity to take part in multiple development projects. It has been great to see how openly new ideas and proposals are received. I feel like even as a summer trainee I’ve been able to influence things and really gotten my voice heard in decision-making process. Recently, I was working on a slightly different but very exciting project. I was creating an internal marketing plan for a new online education portal for Valmet employees. I’m really looking forward for the launch.

Valmet offers a great place for self-improvement. I have learned a lot during the summer and I constantly have people that are willing to help around me. I encourage everyone to apply for Valmet’s summer trainee program. Multinational company offers countless opportunities to proceed internally. I am indeed very excited to see what the future holds for me.

Sebastian Äikäs
Summer Trainee, IT Purchasing