Assembling valves: Summer as a Service Technician

Sep 6, 2022

Julius Käkelä

This summer I have been working at Valmet Flow Control, as a Service Technician.
My job is to service old valves and actuators and assemble and test new ones. The best part of the job is the people I work with. I really don’t think that there has been a day when I haven’t laughed! We have good team spirit and the skill level of technicians and supervisors I work with is admirable.

Working with valves was pretty much a new thing for me. I couldn’t imagine how complicated and demanding the assembly would be. But after the a month of hard learning and taking baby steps, I finally started to get a hang of it and was able to assemble and service the actuators and valves myself. Of course, I have only learned the tip of the iceberg and I still ask advice and tips every day, but it is really rewarding to start an assembly from the scratch and see it come together.

So how has my summer at Valmet affected my career plans? My plan after this summer is to start studying at the university of applied sciences, which has been my objective for a while now. But Valmet has changed my school subject specializations and I think that this summer will not be the last time I will be wearing green. 😉

Julius Käkelä

Summer Trainee

Lappeenranta Service Center