High-quality XXL newsprint rolls from JSC Solikamskbumprom

Jan 28, 2014

Printing machine manufacturers released a new generation of printing machines in 2006-2007. These high capacity ink machines were designed for bigger customer rolls, with a web width of up to 2.1 meters and a roll diameter of up to 1.5 meters. By investing in a new wrapping line, JSC Solikamskbumprom in Russia was able to meet the needs of the changing markets.

JSC Solikamskbumprom already had the ability to fulfill customer needs in principle, since they had already purchased two Valmet WinBelt winders for both PM 1 and PM 2 lines. The winders were already able to produce 1.5-m-diameter newsprint rolls. However, the existing roll handling and wrapping lines limited the size of the produced rolls.

According to Aleksey B. Tessman, Process Chief Engineer, Doctor of Chemistry, JSC Solikamskbumprom had two alternatives: to invest in a new roll handling and wrapping line or to lose their share in the changing European newsprint market. JSC Solikamskbumprom chose the first alternative. Valmet won the bidding competition for the new line as a result of its viable layout plan and Solikamskbumprom’s earlier experiences of good cooperation with the company in several modernizations and rebuild projects that were carried out over the years. The layout included the possibility of using the existing wrapping line as a reserve line.


Well-planned project

Just two months after the start-up in January 2012, JSC Solikamskbumprom started to produce XXL-sized newsprint rolls (2.1 m in width and 1.5 m in diameter). XXL production currently makes up 5% of PM 2’s production and the trend is upward.

 Juriy Vezner and Jari Kuokka

“The main benefits of Valmet as a supplier and cooperation partner include the high level of technology, customer tailoring, flexibility of layouts, and rapid response to urgent requests", says Juriy Vezner, JSC Solikamskbumprom. Valmet's Jari Kuokka on the right.

Juriy Vezner, Head of Development Department explains the reasons why JSC Solikamskbumprom chose Valmet as the supplier: “Valmet’s quotation was suitable, both technically and layout-wise. Valmet’s equipment does not have any hydraulics, only pneumatics and electromechanics, which are practically maintenance-free and reliable for paper storage in arctic circumstances.”

“Valmet’s layout enabled the installation of a new line while existing lines on both sides were in operation. The flexibility of the equipment supplier is a great benefit when carrying out new installations in existing premises,” Juriy explains and says that all the set targets of the project were achieved. Roll wrapping quality is good and the amount of big roll production is growing as planned.


Easy and safe quality wrapping

The new wrapping line is safer and easier for operators to work with compared with the old ones. Slat conveyors are gentle on the rolls. Equipment maintenance is simpler without hydraulics that can easily leak.

Makuna Hasiya, Operator Foreman, says that operators are very pleased with the new wrapping line because rolls are controlled from station to station along the conveyor line, and are highly visible throughout the entire wrapping and labeling process. Additionally, the new wrapping line is very safe to use because it has photocell lines which prevent access to the machine area while automatic wrapping sequences are ongoing. The wrapping quality is much better compared with that produced by the old wrapper for a number of reasons: the roll heads are better glued to the roll ends, the folding of the roll edges is better and there is less wrinkling compared with the old wrapping line when using the same wrapping materials.


  Roll diameter     900 – 1,500 mm
  Roll width   500 – 2,400 mm
  Roll weight, max.   3,000 kg
  Roll capacity/h   90
  Paper grade   Newsprint


Well-proven technology

Valmet is a well-known international supplier of fully automatic, high capacity wrapping lines. Mikhail Kuchin, Project Manager of Valmet, says the project proved that Valmet can deliver lines to meet customer’s specific needs. Well-proofed core units of an automated wrapping line were put together in a simplified way in order to create a reliable and easy-to-use manual wrapping line. The wrapping machine is operated by three operators. The inner and outer heads are inserted manually, and application of shipping labels to wrapped rolls also takes place manually. All the other functions are automated, including roll identification before they go to the wrapping station.

Basic elements of the conveyor system and the short pitch slat conveyors look like simple devices. However, the technology which enables the gentle crossover of the paper rolls directly from one conveyor to another – as is the case on rubber belt conveyors – combined with maintenance friendly construction, is a result of development work spanning two decades.


Smaller investment, less spares and maintenance work

Nowadays, all roll wrapping and handling equipment functions electromechanically or pneumatically as default. Rapidly developed electrical drive controls have made it possible to replace hydraulic equipment with electromechanical drives that require less maintenance. This means lower investment costs for equipment, a smaller stock of spares and less maintenance work. Hydraulic equipment is also available, but only at the customer’s request.

One great advantage of the new roll wrapping and handling equipment is its comprehensive user interface. Besides normal run and parameter setting displays and production and error logs, the all-inclusive troubleshooting displays show the expected and actual status of each sensor in the system. This feature dramatically reduces the troubleshooting time of maintenance personnel and keeps the availability of the wrapping line high at all times.

OAO Solikamskbumprom is located in the Northern Urals, Russia. There are four paper machines that produce standard newsprint, at a basis weight range of 38-56 g/m2. Fifty percent of production is exported to more than fifty countries.