Woodchip-fired heating plant was inaugurated in September in Tampere, Finland

Sep 23, 2015

The woodchip-fired heating plant based on Valmet's fluidized bed combustion technology, which is located in Hervanta, Tampere, Finland, was inaugurated on September 4. This autumn outdoor event was attended by several speakers, including Jari Niemelä from Valmet. The agenda of the event also included a soup kitchen lunch, a rap medley and a visit to the plant.

Niemelä stated in his speech that it is always an enjoyable moment for sales to inaugurate new plants. Plant investments are currently extremely challenging and require a great deal of faith and vision. The technology and usability of the Hervanta plant, such as remote use and emission control, represent the top of the industry. The start-up of the plant project was challenging due to the high requirements. The project was completed in a record-breaking schedule of 13 months. This required excellent co-operation between the customer and supplier. Niemelä expressed his thanks to both parties for their performance.

The location of the plant and the Pirkanmaa region were strongly emphasized in the other speeches. Jussi Laitinen, CEO of Tampereen Sähkölaitos Group, opened the event and stated that the Hervanta plant uses local wood as the main fuel: forest processed chips, sawdust and bark. The plant permanently employs around 50 people from the Pirkanmaa region in the wood supply chain. Matti Sojakka from the Forest Management Association of Pirkanmaa said that the forests would remain in good condition by means of the plant as forest owners make use of their wood. In fact, Hervanta produces genuine local heat.

The woodchip-fired heating plant in Hervanta is part of a wider investment program, where Tampereen Sähkölaitos will move from fossil fuels towards renewable fuels. The heating plant in Hervanta decreases the need for heating plants using heavy fuel oil, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions caused by the production of district heat.


  • Annual variation in heat production 100-400 GWh.
  • Boiler fuel efficiency 49.5 MW and heat power approx. 44.5 MW. 
  • Flue gas scrubber recovers approx. 12 MW of heat.
  • Collection efficiency of flue gas electric filter is over 99%. 
  • The highest chimney in Tampere measured from the sea level, 75 meters. 
  • 3 discharge lines for woodchip trucks. 
  • In the winter, the plant receives approximately 25 fuel loads on weekdays. 
  • Fuel silo volume 6,000 cubic meters.