Valmet makes a donation to help earthquake victims in Nepal

May 21, 2015

(Video in Finnish: Red Cross' greetings to Valmet)

Valmet has made a donation to support catastrophe victims in Nepal, which was hit by a severe earthquake on Saturday, April 25. Valmet agreed to channel the EUR 10,000 contribution through a humanitarian organization, the Finnish Red Cross. The donation is targeted at first aid and rebuilding work.

"When a catastrophe of this magnitude occurs, all support is needed. We hope that Valmet's donation helps contribute to restoring normal operations in the area," says Anu Salonsaari-Posti, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Valmet.

The Red Cross currently has 10,000 volunteers in the field to provide first aid to those injured in the earthquake and to look for survivors. The Red Cross also has aid supplies, such as blankets, tarps and cooking sets, for 40,000 people.

Earlier in December 2014, Valmet allocated part of its annual seasonal donation to the Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund. Through the Disaster Relief Fund the Red Cross helps the victims of natural disasters and conflicts around the world by delivering supplies, such as tents, blankets, clean drinking water or an entire field hospital to the disaster areas. The Red Cross also continuously helps to fight diseases and hunger together with local volunteers