Towards improved environmental efficiency

Mar 17, 2016

In 2015, Valmet took steps towards improved environmental efficiency in all production facilities. Our focus was on rationalizing the production footprint, upgrading existing processes, and applying best available technologies.
Valmet’s Global HSE manager, Victoria Larsson comments a few topical questions:

How would you describe Valmet’s progress in 2015?

"We work systematically to achieve our long-term targets and have for instance decreased the energy consumption already by 16% from the baseline (2005-2009 yearly average). The integration of the Automation business slightly increased the absolute figures for energy consumption and CO2 emissions in 2015, but overall the development in relation to net sales has followed a declining trend."  

How do you ensure continuous improvement?

“Environmental awareness is tightly linked with initial employee orientation, along with regular communication and training in all Valmet locations. Site-specific development actions play a key role in continuous improvement. Again in 2015, many local activities contributed to the favorable development. We are also in the process of setting new, more ambitious long-term targets to ensure progress to the global goals such as the Paris climate agreement and UN SDGs.”

Valmet will participate in the WWW Earth Hour event on March 19 – what role does such a global campaign play to your organization?

By participating in Earth Hour Valmet demonstrates a global commitment to taking action together to combat climate change. The event is widely communicated across our operations, and Valmet sites and offices around the world have already committed to turning off their lights on the day of the event. Earth Hour is an important reminder and an active statement that we take responsibility.