Third combined heat and power plant to 4Energy Invest, Belgium

Nov 21, 2013


Valmet*) has delivered a combined heat and power production plant to the municipality of Ham in the province of Limburg. The Biopower 9 modular biomass power plant utilizes bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology and uses clean biomass as the main fuel, which the facility sources from mechanical wood-processing plants and various local sawmills. The power plant produces 8.4 MW of electricity into the distribution grid and is able to deliver up to 14 MW of heat. The plant’s automation system is from Metso’s Automation business line, Metso DNA.

The core business of 4Energy Invest consists of turning wood biomass, which is at its end-of-life in the forest sector, into energy. Valmet has significant experience of co-operation with 4Energy Invest in common power plants projects by delivering altogether three power plants to 4Energy Invest. Two of the plants are located at the same site in the township of Amel and one is located in Ham.

*) Metso until Dec 31, 2013