The Advantage DCT concept crosses borders

Nov 22, 2013

Last year Valmet’s (until Dec. 31, 2013 Metso Paper) tissue business passed several important milestones; tissue machine number 200 was sold to China. A total of 50 Advantage DCT tissue lines have been sold worldwide since the launch in 2005, and seven customers have bought two or more machines. HengAn Paper of China added four new Valmet machines to their previous four installations. Hayat Kimya, Turkey, reached a world speed record of 2,210 m/min. After constantly shortening the time to reach full production speed at installations worldwide, Xiamen Xinyang, China, set the current record of nine days from first paper to guaranteed speed with their new tissue machine. These results speak for themselves. The Advantage DCT concept is here to stay.

Continuous efforts to develop new and more capable technologies are essential for future tissue production. But development is not only about inventing new products and services - it is also about how to design, combine and use the technology in a more effective way. Ensuring a design that is safe, user- friendly, easy to maintain, providing efficient production of high quality products in the most cost-effective way. Industrial design has become a natural and essential part in the development of new tissue processes. For the Advantage DCT concept, industrial design is applied both to conceptual principles and to actual machine features.

A holistic approach

The knowledge on how to design, combine and use technologies and systems has a major impact on consumption figures as well as costs. A holistic approach utilizing Best Available Technology, Best Operational Practices and Best Mill Design is the key for more sustainable tissue production. With wide process knowledge and full control over the technology, including tissue machine, automation, auxiliary equipment and systems, electrification, training, purchasing and project management, you can reach full integration and compatibility between design and equipment as well as best value for money.

… to reach new heights

When the Advantage DCT concept was launched back in 2005, Valmet was the first tissue machine supplier to introduce a tissue machine model offering several choices of production capacity, under its own brand. Key factors in the development work have been modularization and industrial design. By designing components in modules it is easy to put parts together or replace one component with another, almost like playing with Lego. But modularization has also improved the manufacturing and operational processes from development to installation and service. Last year’s new records are an acknowledgement that we are on the right track.

Unique shape provides unique functions

On a smaller scale, industrial design and modularization have been more focused on developing safe and more user-friendly products that are easy to install, operate, and maintain. The Valmet Yankee hood (Advantage AirCap) is a product where all these features have been realized.

The Valmet Advantage DCT

The Valmet Advantage DCT tissue machine is characterized by the curved hood, providing a unique solution for dust removal. Industrial design has enabled combining safety and usability with attractive look.

The word “design” often entails the assumption of a special look or appearance. The Advantage AirCap Yankee hood has a very distinctive look with its typical curved shape. But the curve isn’t only there to give an attractive and characteristic Valmet look; it also provides a unique function.

As everyone knows, tissue production generates dust. Dust that can not only cause fire hazards, but also endanger the health of the people working at the machine and breathing in the air. To reduce the fire risk the hot Yankee hood area needs to be cleaned quite frequently. Normally this is done by the machine operator, climbing up to the hood roof and blowing the dust away from the top surface. The dust blown away consequently spreads into other areas in the machine hall and needs to be taken care of – again. The safety risk is significant from several points of view: the climb, the heat, the risk of inhaling the dust and last but not least, the risk of fire. From an efficiency point of view, taking care of the same problem twice is a waste of time.

Looking attractive by chance

The Advantage AirCap Yankee hood provides a unique solution that uses water to regularly flush the dust away. That’s where the curve comes in. Also, the canopy hood covering the dry end of the machine needs to be cleaned, which made it natural to incorporate the dry end into the curve too. The unique and attractive shape that today has become a classic feature of Valmet tissue machines was actually created almost unintentionally. The basics of industrial design are always functionality and performance; the “attractive look” is an added bonus. The use of flushing water, normally once per hour, has eliminated the personal risk of climbing on a hot surface and the exposure to dust in the air as well as reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.

The Advantage AirCap hood was designed mainly to optimize energy efficiency, produce high quality tissue, and reduce emissions to the atmosphere. However, by utilizing the industrial design approach and functionality it can now add improved safety and a better working environment as well as savings in reduced cleaning and maintenance as additional benefits.

Target: decreased environmental impact, optimized process and improved working conditions

The most recent installation of an Advantage AirCap hood was performed at Disley Tissue, UK. The reason for the investment was to increase production significantly without affecting the current energy consumption.

“We chose Valmet because they provided the best technological solution for the hood replacement and dust system; improving the health of our employees, reducing our impact on the environment and improving our cost base considerably. Valmet is working positively, hand in hand with our engineering team, to ensure the best solutions for the safest and quickest installation within the existing machine house,” says Chris Wickham, Managing Director of Disley.

The installation was combined with an Advantage WetDust dust system and will support Disley Tissue in decreasing environmental impact, optimizing the process and improving working conditions.

Prepare for the future

The Advantage DCT concept has become the industry benchmark. The response from the market has been very positive, especially when it comes to tissue quality, performance, and cost efficiency. Our journey to create a more sustainable future will of course include some challenges but even more opportunities lie ahead.

The value of long-term investments in Best Available Technology cannot be underestimated. Utilizing leading technologies will not only reduce the costs and environmental footprints of today but will also make sure that tissue producers are well prepared to meet the environmental legislation and energy efficiency as well as the quality and safety requirements of tomorrow.