Ensuring compliance through supplier sustainability audits

Apr 19, 2016

Valmet expects all its suppliers to comply with the sustainability requirements defined in its Sustainable supply chain policy. The policy acts as a basis for supplier evaluations, self-assessments and third-party sustainability audits.

In 2015, Valmet integrated sustainability risk assessments with its supplier approval system. The risk evaluation is based on the country of origin and the purchase category in question. As part of this process, Valmet’s entire global supplier base was assessed through a five-level sustainability risk assessment.

Based on a sustainability risk assessment, Valmet may ask its suppliers to evaluate their sustainability performance by conducting a self-assessment, which is used as one of the criteria to define the need for a potential sustainability audit. The self-assessment is an online questionnaire integrated with Valmet’s supplier approval system and available in nine languages.

In 2015, Valmet together with an independent, certified third-party auditor, conducted a total of 41 supplier sustainability audits in Brazil, China, Finland, India, Mexico, Poland, Sweden and the United States.

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