MOPAK gives Valmet top marks for proactive project management

Jul 28, 2015

Barely four weeks after a new process and automation project startup a paper mill proclaims it a success already. That says a lot about how the project was managed, how process problems were solved proactively and the expected results that were achieved. That’s exactly what happened at MOPAK’s Dalaman mill in Turkey where Valmet’s Turkey-based project management team successfully brought online the automation of a new OCC recycling and stock prep line. The new line doubled the mill’s stock prep capacity for the board machine and the paper machine which now have a combined capacity of 180,000 tonnes per year. The Valmet DNA system controls the pulping, screening, cleaning and refining equipment up to the paper and board machine approach piping.

Mr. Ruhi Molay

Mr. Ruhi Molay

  Excellence in project management is a key factor that makes an automation supplier top notch and sets it apart from its competitors explains Dipl.-Ing. Ruhi Molay, MOPAK’s Managing Director. “What makes the difference between suppliers is the team that starts up the system,” he says. He credits the success to Valmet’s project team, which is comprised of Turkey-based service engineers.

“They gave us 24 hr/ 7 day coverage for 2 months and communicated well with our people. Four weeks after startup all is perfect with the Valmet system. It’s the best automation system project so far in MOPAK’s mills,” he states proudly. “I am happy as an engineering manager as well as managing director,” he adds. He says that, as of the beginning of April, 2015, the mill’s production targets are about 85% of their final objective and he expects to reach 100% in a few weeks. That’s an excellent startup curve.

Why did MOPAK choose Valmet to automate this new process? Mr. Ruhi, who received his engineering training in Germany, received good reviews from German colleagues that he contacted for references. He concluded that the Valmet automation would make the new stock prep line much easier to operate than the previous manually-controlled line and fewer operators would be required. Mr. Suleyman Gemici, Valmet Sales Manager, emphasizes that the decision to select Valmet as a project partner was a long-term process in which the MOPAK owners gained confidence by Valmet’s flexible approach to their business relationship.

The Turkish project engineering team was also a plus for Valmet as communications with mill people would be effective. The team comprised Aziz Ertuğrul, Khemraj Bahetwar and Project Manager Hamit Demir, who is also the local Service Manager. The automation system was assembled, staged and factory tested in Turkey.

Implementing a process control system is more than just making sure the input and output points are implemented as they should be. It’s necessary to have process knowledge and problem solution skills as well. Proactivity is a key ingredient. In this regard, Mr. Ruhi emphasizes that the Valmet engineers were instrumental in solving process problems. He mentions that consistency control – the backbone of any stock prep process – was a good example. “The initial consistency control strategy didn’t work as planned so Aziz Ertuğrul had a better idea how to control. We learned a lot from him;” he concludes. Mr. Hamit Demir recalls other process improvement recommendations by the project team that included correcting process piping, correcting control logic, noting lack of chest agitation and adjusting all consistency transmitters, pressure transmitter and flowmeters to read correctly for better control.

Following the stock preparation automation project Mr. Ruhi Molay says the next step in mill automation will be an extended Valmet DNA system for the board machine scheduled to be rebuilt later in 2015.

The Valmet DNA system controls the pulping, screening, cleaning and refining equipment up to the paper and board machine approach piping.

MOPAK Dalaman Pulp-Paper Cardboard Plant

On March 30, 2001, Seka Dalaman Pulp-Paper was taken over from the Privatization Administration, to begin operations as the MOPAK Dalaman Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Plant. The facility is  referred to as the most successful privatization project so far. Paper production started on May 12, 2001, and immediately after that, the company started to produce pulp at an ISO brightness level of 90%, representing a five percentage point improvement.

The production range of the integrated pulp and paper mill includes hardwood and softwood bleached sulfate pulp, linter pulp, wood-free paper, coated paper, Bristol cardboard, coated chrome cardboard, kraft cardboard, kraft liner, white test liner, test liner and grey cardboard. This infrastructure allows the company to rapidly undertake special projects for all grades and sizes. The Aegean Chamber of Commerce and the İzmir Provincial Directorate of the Environment awarded MOPAK for being the "Most Environment-Friendly Industrial Enterprise". MOPAK has used its equity to invest 44 million dollars in the Dalaman Pulp-Paper Cardboard Plant. The facility today covers an open area of 1,350,000 m² and a closed area of 330,000 m². Its 270 employees produce 200 different paper and board products.

For more information, please contact: Suleyman Gemici