Valmet’s LignoBoost receives Silver Award at ATIP Congress

Dec 19, 2014

At the end of October, Valmet participated in the annual congress of the Association Technique de L'Industrie Papetière (ATIP ) in Grenoble, France. This event was a great opportunity to meet some of the key actors in the French pulp and paper industry, including Fibre Excellence, Burgo, Emin Leydier, Norske Skog, Clairefontaine, SAICA, Blue Paper, and many others.

The congress focused in particular on the Innovation Contest, which allowed the P&P industry suppliers to present their latest innovations.

Established in 1995, this contest rewards innovative equipment. They are selected by a committee of paper mill managers, R&D directors, and technical and production managers. Among the 12 innovations presented, Valmet was honored with the “Palme d’Argent” for its LignoBoost.

Picture: Stéphane Paillat and Philippe Bentz receiving the award, with Hugues Leydier, ATIP President and Board member of the Emin Leydier paper mill. (Source : Valérie Lechiffre – La Papeterie magazine – ENP Publishing Group)

Why LignoBoost?

LignoBoost did so well at the ATIP contest because it allows pulp mills to make the most of their raw material in the papermaking process. Valmet’s LignoBoost technology makes it possible for pulp mills to extract lignin from black liquor.

There is a real interest in extracting lignin, as it is a high-quality bio-based alternative to fossil fuel based materials. It also increases pulp production by off-loading recovery boilers. Lignin produced this way represents an additional product to diversify and increase mill revenue.