Fuel conversion for power boilers: Vaskiluodon Voima Oy, Vaasa, Finland

Feb 18, 2013

The biggest biomass gasification plant in the world is the one Valmet* completed in late 2012 in the city of Vaasa, Finland. Valmet Gasifier (formerly CFB gasifier) for Vaskiluodon Voima Oy was built in response to the critical need to reduce the environmental load of traditional coal-fired power plant.

Short delivery, efficient integration

By simply integrating the gasification capability with the original coal-fired plant, the investment cost was kept to about one third of a similar-sized new biomass plant. The new plant was up and running quickly and the integration process did not interfere with ongoing energy production. At the same time the full original coal capacity was retained.

Flexible – and eco-friendly

By using a broad range of local and eco-friendlyoften-inexpensive biomass fuels – such as wood, peat and straw – the upgraded plant consumes one third less coal. Further, the plant generates both heat and electricity, resulting in a very high efficiency rating.

District heating is already environmentally friendly, but the biomass gasifier makes the district heating in Vaasa even more so. In part this is because the biomass to be gasified corresponds precisely to the amount of fuel required for the production of district heating and co-generated electricity.

Solution related technical features:

  • Replaces coal with biomass
  • A flexible range of local biofuels can be used
  • Highly scalable – can be any size
  • Also works for oil & gas as well as other solid fuels
  • Ratio of biomass to fossil fuel use is freely selected
  • Short delivery time with minimal down time disturbances in existing energy production
  • Significantly extends your plant’s service life

Case at a glance

  • 140 MW biomass gasifier; including a dryer and fuel yard
  • Adjoined to existing coal-fired 560 MW power boiler
  • Plant generates 230 MW electricity and 170 MW district heating
  • 140 MW capacity is enough to heat 10,000 single-family houses even during the coldest winter spells
  • Gasification replaces up to 40% of coal

*) Metso until Dec 31, 2013