Neles™ 6D ball valve

New dimensions in API 6D ball valve performance


We see the world in 6D. There are so many dimensions to this Neles 6D ball valve, that your average three just isn’t enough. By doubling up on features and options, we can truly deliver new dimensions to ball valve performance.

Single source responsibility based on field-proven technology

Available in full range with numerous features and innovations

Meets the most recent global Codes & Standards

Sustainability and reliability at its core to deliver lifecycle performance

We see the world in 6D

Pairing proven tech with new innovations

Valmet’s extensive experience paired with ambitious R&D enables us to bring together new innovations and field-proven functionality into one reliable high-performance valve assembly.
For our customers, reliability is an absolute must. We only bring out products that are based on and packed with field-proven Neles technology. The latest design features bring fresh functionality to a valve design that has been thoroughly tested according to the latest Codes & Standards.

Lifecycle sustainability and support

And what is reliability if it doesn’t lead to a sustainable, long-term solution?. That’s why our sights are firmly fixed on the future. A future secured by certified performance in terms of fire safety, emissions, and of course the valve’s suitability for rising renewable energy applications.
The final dimension is our global aftermarket presence and strong support network, which is available throughout the solution’s entire lifecycle. Our installed base data and up-to-date information makes work easy for daily asset management, and our valve experts are available to assist you whenever and wherever needed.