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Pressure parts to suit your boiler operation

Valmet Custom Pressure Parts

Our custom pressure part offering includes the fabrication of most pressure boiler parts, including:

  • Complete boiler retubes on loose tube bending (cold bending and hot size & squeeze)
  • Membrane tube panels with or without openings and gang bends. Materials include carbon, alloy, stainless, composite and Inconel.
  • Complete or partial Superheater and Reheater elements with attachments.
  • Economizer Bundles
  • Generating Banks
  • Tube Swages
  • Tube Shotblasting
  • Dissimilar Metal Welds
  • Straight Tubes
  • Headers

Valmet has solutions to your needs for a wide range of applications and custom boiler parts.  Let us help you get started by providing us with the details of your requirements.

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